Holy Misconception 

There has been a few times, I thought I found “him”, but I didn’t. The last time of which was last week. As he sat beside me, my mind automatically fantasized a fairytale of love and unparalleled connectedness. HE, he is why it hasn’t worked out with anyone else.

I haven’t gotten it in my head that no one else is here to fulfill me. I forget that only God through Christ, can fulfill the void in my soul. And it’s not fair that I put the expectation on another person to make me whole. 
I realize now that the only unions that are blessed are those that are brought together through Christ. There’s no need to force a relationship ever. When the person that is meant to be with you finds you, there won’t be so much torment. 
I’m glad I met him he gave me hope that there exists other people with the desire for Truth in their heart. This journey has shown me to put my faith in Christ and what’s meant to be will happen in time and everything that I’m going through is getting me to where I need to be.


Small Steps

Huge step today. No “relapsing” since yesterday. 

May we all take in today with renewed spirit and energy.