Small Steps

Huge step today. No “relapsing” since yesterday. 

May we all take in today with renewed spirit and energy. 


Out of sight for now

If you ever remove your social media accounts be prepared for some extra time on your hands.

I couldn’t deal. I deactivated my accounts. While I made a new IG to document and follow my love for aquariums, fish, fitness motivation, and hiking, I’m off the map to my peers, “friends”, and anyone else who thought they knew me.

Did I want someone to come to me to ask, perhaps why my hiatus? Sure. But, no. No reaction but to a friend, I admitted during happy hour at Sushi, I needed a break. 

It’s just too much of a setback  to login everyday to see glimpses of the life one thought they should be living too. It is for me anyway. Failure. Seeing crafty and baking moments with Suzy and her kid or adventure moments with Paul and his lover. And here I am still the lonely asshole nobody ever really wanted, reposting local or world issues also of which they don’t care about while being hands entertwined or arm full of someone else. 

I know what people think. I know what I think. What a broken, sad person, nobody wants in vision anyway.

I just need a break. God willing I need to learn what I need to and this passes.

my thrills
my thrills